Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont
Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont

Welcome to Christ Church, Presbyterian! 

Join us for worship on Sunday at 4 p.m.

St. Paul's Cathedral, 2 Cherry Street,

Burlington, VT


Christ Church Presbyterian (CCP) is a warm family of Christians who welcome you to our community of faith, no matter what your background. Some of us grew up in a church; some of us had never explored our spiritual life; most of us are somewhere in between. Together we seek to discern who Christ is and what He offers and asks of us.

We’re people in mission, trying to make a difference through our inclusive, healing life together and our variety of work within the wider community and the world. We welcome everyone to our work and worship, celebrating the diversity of human beings God has created. CCP is a “More Light” congregation, which means we welcome all persons to the full life and leadership of the church, regardless of sexual orientation.



Mission Statement

Christ Church, Presbyterian is a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive faith community in Burlington, Vermont. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to live into our calling by following Jesus and deepening our relationship with God.

  • In Worship we draw closer to God as a faith community, listening for God’s guidance.

  • In Study we deepen our knowledge, thus broadening our perspective and strengthening our faith.

  • In Service we reach out to others, furthering God’s work for peace, justice and reconciliation in the world.

  • In Community Life we care for one another and celebrate the love and liveliness of God’s spirit as we enjoy each other’s company.

Confessional Declaration from 223rd Assembly on the Role of the Church 

As confessing Christians, we trust God, whom we know through Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray as others pray in other names. 


We are obligated to declare our concerns about the direction towards autocracy that our country is taking. 


We say Yes to God’s power of love and justice for the neighbor as well as the self, and we say No to demonic power that urges hate of the other, scatters blame, and creates civic discord. 


We say Yes to our imperfect democracy with one person, one vote, and No to any corruption of our elections. 


We say Yes to universal health care and No to care based on the ability to pay. 


We say Yes to safe schools, houses of worship, and public gathering places; and No to civilian access to assault and/or military-style weapons. 


We say Yes to core human values and No to dividing our humanity by ideology and partisanship. 


We say Yes to bridges and preservation of families and No to walls. 


We say Yes to affirming and celebrating the full spectra of human identity and No to discrimination and bigotry. 


We say: In life, and in death we belong to God.

Word of the Week: each week congregants are invited to share images on a weekly theme, which we post here as food for thought.

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