Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont
Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont


Prayer Chain

Please bring your prayers to worship on Sunday afternoons.  Please direct all prayer network requests for immediate crises during the week to prayerchain(at)christchurchburlington(dot)org or to the CCP office by phone 802-862-1898.

Worship Planners

Worship Planners meets most Tuesday afternoons in our space in the lower level of St. Paul's.  If you have ideas for how we could enhance your worship life - in music, liturgy, themes to be explored in the context of worship - please attend our meetings or speak with one of us. For more information call 658-4169.

“Word of the Week” Photo Project

Each week we focus on a word or theme in our service, and invite anyone with a related photo to share it.  This week’s word is "CONSTRUCTIVE ANGER".  Please send photos on this theme to office(at)christchurchburlington(dot)org so that they may be shared.

Christmas Joy Offering

The PC(USA) annual Christmas Joy Offering will be received on Sunday, December 16. A special envelope will be provided. 50% of your gifts provide critical financial assistance to retired church workers and their families who have financial and housing needs. 50% supports opportunities for racial ethnic students at Presbyterian school.  You can read more about the Christmas Joy Offering in the bulletin insert. Thank you for your support.

CCP Christmas Celebration on Sunday, December 23

CCP’s Christmas Eve service is one of our highlights of the year. This year, because Christmas Eve falls on Monday, CCP will celebrate Christmas on the “eve of the Eve” at our regular Sunday 4:00 pm worship service. Having just one Christmas service will avoid taxing our faithful worship volunteers (which is most of us) with preparing for and attending services two nights in a row. (You’ll recall that’s what we did last year when Christmas Eve fell on Sunday.) The December 23 service will include all the traditional CCP Christmas fare: readings, stories, carol singing, and candlelight, with “starlight” on the ceiling. Frank Sadowski, our Commissioned Lay Pastor, will lead the service.  Afterwards, we will enjoy a time of fellowship around a holiday potluck supper. Please bring your favorite treat to share: “heavy” hors d’oeuvres, snacks, finger foods, and sweets. CCP will provide ham, sandwich rolls and beverages. 


You are encouraged to invite your family and friends to join our CCP family for a cozy Christmas celebration.  A heavy dose of your favorite and long-anticipated Christmas carols will get your holiday festivities off to a good start.

Pastoral Care

With Deadra’s departure, Session is planning for regular worship, book groups and potlucks, and a process of envisioning our future as a church community.  During this time the deacons are aware that there may be “pastoral concerns” that would have been met by Deadra.  In this interim period, the six deacons are available to all members and participants for conversations, assistance and support.  Your particular deacon is available to you, as are the others during any time of need.  

Please Help Us Deck the Hall

As always, we will be gracing our space with greens, candles and poinsettias for the Christmas service on 12/23. If you would like to contribute money to purchase a poinsettia, please see Ann Owen or contact her at ann(dot)owen(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

Support JUMP with Holiday Cards!

Bronwyn and Valerie will be selling holiday cards and alternative giving cards for JUMP. The items will go on sale December 2nd through December 16th. 

POSTPONED:  Christmas Cycle: The Annunciation has been postponed to 2019

Due to circumstances beyond my control, Christmas Cycle: The Annunciation is being postponed to 2019. I deeply apologize – most particularly for any disappointment the postponement is causing those of us who have enjoyed celebrating the Christmas Cycle together all these years.


With sorrow for our not being together, With gratitude for the kindness and patience 
offered to me by all of you, and With celebration for the Beauty that is coming, this poem by Nils Peterson is offered.


A low morning sun threw fluttering
shadows against my window.
I thought, the angels have come.

Maybe it was just small birds, feasting
on winter berries, but I thought angels,
and thought they’ve whispered

in our ears, for something grows inside.
Our walks change with the weight of it.
Our eyes reach out for what is small, 

tender, shining,  Something wants
to be born into this world, and we 
grow inward and heavy with it.

REEL to REAL (R2R*) Continues . . .


Friday Night Movies @CCP! 

6:00 - 6:30PM: Potluck supper                            
6:30 – 9:00PM:  Film & Discussion
Bring a friend and a dish to share. 


New Date!  December  14, 2018

Paddington 2 (2018) 
The adventures of a charming and clever bear, adopted by a human family, who spreads joy, kindness and marmalade wherever he goes in London’s Windsor Gardens. Touted as one of the 10 best films of 2018, Paddington 2 is based on the timeless, best-selling series of children's stories by British author, Michael Bond. The animation of the bear is seamlessly and brilliantly integrated with the delightful human actors to create a cinematic Christmas gift of pure joy. Your face will hurt from smiling. 
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%. Running time: 105 minutes. 


New Listing! January 11, 2018        

Billy Elliot (2000)
A working class mining town in northern England during the coal miners’ strike of 1984-85 is the bleak backdrop for an emotionally generous film, full of humor and heart. Billy is an 11-year-old boy living with his widowed father, older, bullying brother and a grandmother with Alzheimer’s. To toughen Billy up, his father enrolls him in boxing lessons, which he hates. When he watches a ballet class in a corner of the gym, Billy discovers his passion and trades in his boxing gloves for a tutu. When his father finds out he’s been deceived, there’s hell to pay; and therein lies the film’s conflict. Billy’s unique combination of step dancing and classical ballet is guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your hands clapping. As one reviewer put it:  “This is a feel-good movie you don’t have to feel bad about feeling good about.” 
Rotten Tomatoes: 85%. Running time: 110 minutes. 


*R2R criteria: Meaningful, relevant and discussion-worthy films. Available on DVD. Rotten Tomatoes ratings - 80% or more. Running times -2 hours or less.

Film Selection Committee: Sue Brooks, Elinore Standard & Charlie Rathbone 

Weekly Meditation Group

Are you curious about meditation and interested in exploring it a bit? Or, are you familiar with meditation, and interested in practicing in a group? In either case, this group is for you!

We’ll meet on Fridays from 7:30-8:00 am, in our space at St. Paul's. Whether you have never meditated or have done so occasionally this is a time to learn or begin a spiritual practice that can bring real benefits to your life.  All are welcome. For further information, contact Tom Barritt at 862-1336 or at tmbarritt(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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