Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont
Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont


Prayer Chain

Please bring your prayers to worship on Sunday afternoons.  Please direct all prayer network requests for immediate crises during the week to prayerchain(at)christchurchburlington(dot)org or to the CCP office by phone 802-862-1898.

Worship Planners

Worship Planners meets most Tuesday afternoons in our space in the lower level of St. Paul's.  If you have ideas for how we could enhance your worship life - in music, liturgy, themes to be explored in the context of worship - please attend our meetings or speak with one of us. For more information call 658-4169.

“Word of the Week” Photo Project

Each week we focus on a word or theme in our service, and invite anyone with a related photo to share it.  This week’s word is “EASTER”.  Please send photos on this theme to office(at)christchurchburlington(dot)org so that they may be shared.

Holy Week Events!

Maundy Thursday Service, April 18 at 6pm.  Commissioned Lay Pastor Frank Sadowski will lead our traditional meaningful Seder meal at the home of John Steele and Moira Mulligan.  Thank you, John and Moira, for again sharing your warm hospitality! Bring something to contribute to this simple, mid-Eastern meal. Think hummus, nuts, dried fruits, matzah, simple meats and Passover treats. Following dinner, the deacons will assist us as we participate in the washing of the feet—or hands, for those who wish. 


Maundy Thursday Foot Care Clinic, April 18
And for those who are able to do so, please note that there will be the opportunity to help with distributing supplies at a special Maundy Thursday foot care clinic at JUMP during the day on April 18.  More details on this Maundy Thursday foot clinic are available in the bulletin, at church, or from Virginia Munkelwitz.


Good Friday, April 19 at 6pm. Note new 6 pm time!! Frank Sadowski will continue our observance of Holy Week with a more contemplative evening service. As with Ash Wednesday, the question emerges: what does Good Friday say to us through a lens of progressive Christianity? Through these times we live in?

Easter Sunday, Sunrise Service at Battery Park.
Rev. Rachel Fraumann of First Methodist Church has invited CCP folks to join them as we have done in the past for the Sunrise Service at Battery Park. Folks will gather in the early morning darkness at 7 am for a simple service. You’ll see folks gathered in the middle of the park.


Easter Sunday at CCP, April 21 at 4pm. Join us at the usual 4pm service to celebrate resurrection and new life. Marjorie MacNeill will start us on the Holy Week journey on Palm Sunday and will be with us again on Easter Sunday as we complete our intentional Lenten journey. We’ll celebrate with Easter refreshments following the service.


The PCUSA’s annual One Great Hour of Sharing Offering will be received on Easter Sunday, April 21.  One Great Hour of Sharing gifts enables the church to share with our neighbors-in-need around the world by providing relief to those affected by natural disasters, providing food for the hungry and helping to empower the poor and the oppressed. You can read more about this offering in the bulletin insert or on the PCUSA website. Thank you for your support.



What better way to announce Easter and new life than with flowers! Ann Owen has agreed to purchase flowers to grace our space. If you would like to contribute money to purchase these flowers, please see Ann or contact her at owen(dot)ann(at)gmail(dot)com.

Visioning Update--Survey Coming Soon!

Since fall of last year, Session has been planning a series of work meetings and a congregational gathering to embody "how are we called to be church now?" You were last updated on this effort at our January Annual Meeting.  This is the next update on this journey and how it involves us all.


With encouragement and some financial assistance from Presbytery, we have hired a local consultant and coach, Liz Dallas, to help give us vision in our next steps. Representatives from the congregation have agreed to join Session to form a core work group whose main goal is to involve the congregation in responding to our future call.


On April 11, this group met for the first time to craft a series of survey questions for us all to answer. Plans are being made to meet as a congregation to review survey responses in early May. 


Look for a communication from us soon, asking you to respond promptly.


Your work committee is composed of:
David Boedy, Chair
Session members: Mary Beth Barritt, Al Brooks, Virginia Munklewitz, Elinore Standard, John Steele
Congregation members: Sue Brooks, Carol Jenkins, Lorrie Richland

Pastoral Care

Rev. Marjorie MacNeill may be available to provide pastoral support in circumstances such as serious illness or hospitalization.  Tom Barritt or Lori Soule, co-moderators of the deacons will coordinate any  such requests for pastoral care, or you may contact your deacon directly.

Special Guest Preacher next Sunday, April 28

Rev. Sally May, pastor of Malletts Bay Congregational Church will be our guest preacher next Sunday, and will be sharing a prompting on an area of interest and expertise: “White Privilege in Vermont”.  We look forward to her prompting!

Needs for Those at the Border

For those who have been wondering how they can help those at the border, Marjorie MacNeill shared information about some possibilities.

• Send packages or online orders directly to the refugee shelter at: Catholic Community Services, 800 North Country Club Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716
• OR, donate through to “ CCS migrant shelter
• OR, send financial donations to: Catholic Community Services, 140 W. Speedway Blvd, Suite 130, Tucson, AZ 85705
Especially needed for the CCS Monastery Shelter in Tucson are:  backpacks, travel blankets, new underwear for children and adults (size S/M) new socks for all ages, basic clothing for boys and girls, men’s tennis shoes, men’s belts, men’s pants ( size 28-32) and women’s leggings ( S/M).

REEL to REAL (R2R*) Continues . . .


Friday Night Movies @CCP! 

6:00 - 6:30PM: Potluck supper                            
6:30 – 9:00PM:  Film & Discussion
Bring a friend and a dish to share. 

May 10, 2019  New Listing!

Maudie [2017]   
Our last movie of the season is a biopic of Maud Lewis, an obscure Canadian folk artist, who rose to prominence in the mid-twentieth century. Maud is determined to thrive, despite being orphaned at a young age and beset by severe physical disabilities. Her sweet and sunny disposition is in sharp contrast to Ethan, the curmudgeonly and often cruel fishmonger – an orphan himself - who hires Maud to keep house for him in his humble two-room home.  When she’s not cooking and cleaning, Maud brightens her grim surroundings by painting on any available surface. The implausible love that slowly evolves between Maudie and Ethan is made credible by the brilliant and authentic performances of two Oscar-nominated actors: Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) as Maud and Ethan Hawke (Boyhood) as Ethan. Shot in Nova Scotia and Ireland, the film itself is a work of art. “The light,” one reviewer writes, “has a lovely, soft stillness to it, like a painting.” It’s “a quiet little film to cuddle with your cat to… a meditation on finding joy in the coldest of corners.” 
Rotten Tomatoes: 89%. Running Time 115 minutes.



*R2R criteria: Meaningful, relevant and discussion-worthy films. Available on DVD. Rotten Tomatoes ratings - 80% or more. Running times -2 hours or less.


Film Selection Committee: Sue Brooks, Elinore Standard & Charlie Rathbone 

Weekly Meditation Group

Are you curious about meditation and interested in exploring it a bit? Or, are you familiar with meditation, and interested in practicing in a group? In either case, this group is for you!

We’ll meet on Fridays from 7:30-8:00 am, in our space at St. Paul's. Whether you have never meditated or have done so occasionally this is a time to learn or begin a spiritual practice that can bring real benefits to your life.  All are welcome. For further information, contact Tom Barritt at 862-1336 or at tmbarritt(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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