Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont
Christ Church, Presbyterian Burlington, Vermont

Children and Youth

Christian Nurture 

Christ Church, Presbyterian offers a Christian Nurture program for children of all ages.  The program is provided by adult volunteers from the congregation.  We currently have a small group of elementary grade children, but we welcome children of all ages, including infants.


Children are welcome to attend the entire worship service; however, they generally participate in the welcome and opening of the worship service, then leave with the adult volunteers for their own program, and then return to participate in communion near the end of the service.  For the childrens' program we are using a curriculum called "A Joyful Path", which has been developed by the Progressive Christianity organization. 


The curriculum has a series of lesson plans each of which include, an Affirmation, which is an illustrated statement of truth to which we aspire, e.g. "I find my true self when I put others first.", "God is everywhere, within me and around me.", etc.  Each lesson plan also includes Bible verses, appropriate quotations, activities that reinforce the Affirmation and usually a story.   Adult volunteers use these lesson plans, but they are also encouraged to modify the lesson plans and to use their own creativity to convey a message of caring, sharing and love.   Information about the "A Joyful Path" curriculum is available at

In addition to offering a program for children during the worship service, we encourage the children to express their lessons through involvement in service activities, i.e. COTS Walk, Stewardship campaign, CROP Walk, contributions to Heifer International, etc.




Youth in Ministry

CCP is pleased to endorse the Ripple program of Burlington's First United Methodist Church as a support for young people in our community.


To find out more about UMC's Youth in Ministry programs open to all youth, please visit:






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